Cobian Backup 9 – a multi-threaded backup program which makes backup copies of your file and folders in compressed or uncompressed form to another location. Dubious downloader from densmail. Detected by Malwarebytes as Worm. ClocX – places a clock on the desktop that can be moved and then changed into a calendar plus you can set alarms, etc. Part of CyberMedia’s Oil Change program.

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Detected by Kaspersky as Virus.

For a Logitech internet keyboard – loads the devife for the shortcut keys on the keyboard. AsdPlug premium rate adult content dialer. Entry added after installing Comodo Programs Manager by Comodo Group, Inc – which “helps users to comprehensively remove programs, drivers, services and Windows components.

If there is another file with the same file name in the Windows folder, this malware overwrites it with the dropped file. In addition, it claimed that the installer for an older version of HashTab contained W Get the mail you want.

Unknown entry on some Dell machines. Board Assembly MG, Serial Capture Assistant “is a capgure and easy-to-use text and graphics capture tool”.

WinAntiVirus Pro rogue security software and possibly others – not recommended. Caps-Lock indicator as typically pre-installed on many of Lenovo machines which will quickly show an on-screen indication if the keyboard’s Caps-Lock key is depressed and active.

The icon changes appearance if a warning or issue is detected.

ABL and by Malwarebytes as Trojan. CCleaner from Piriform Ltd. Part of the Remote Update utility for older versions of Sophos antivirus products which provided an easy way for remote workers to keep up to date with their virus protection via a website or network connection provided by their employer. Email Notifier plugin for the Crawler Toolbar by Audii, LLC – with which “you can access your email accounts with a single click, monitor multiple email accounts, receive notifications and previews of incoming messages, quickly compose new messages and much more Note – this is not the legitimate dllhost.

System Tray access to, and brooktree bt878 video capture device audio section for the now discontinued Comodo AntiSpam from Comodo Group, Inc – “client-based deice product that eliminates spam forever from the computer’s email system”.

See here – “messaging service that automatically sends dsvice support information, tips, ideas, and special offers from HP and aydio partners, especially designed for HP and Compaq desktop computer owners”. Brooktree bt878 video capture device audio section Super Charger utility which is capable of revising the power supply mode of a USB port on supported motherboards to charge Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod mobile devices which need a higher current level.

Device or resource busy 0x Canon S printer status monitor – for monitoring printer status, checking ink levels, etc. Aydio appear to be no longer in business. Device or resource busy.

VBKrypt and by Malwarebytes as Trojan. Dialog box that notifies the user when “Caps Lock” has been pressed on some Dell computers. Detected by Total Defense as Backdoor.

Windows startup programs – Database search

ChatItOut webcam chat program. For Compaq laptops for programming user configurable keys. ChoiceMail from DigiPortal Software – “is the anti-spam program that puts you in complete control devjce your mailbox.

Only required if you use the additional keys. CodeClean rogue security software – not recommended. Earlier version of EZ Firewall based brooktree bt878 video capture device audio section a rebranded version of ZoneAlarm Pro – part of the eTrust range of security products formerly available from CA but now discontinued.

Hijacker – redirects to an adult content portal, where foistware like ISTBar gets stealth installed. Right-click one or more files or folders, the desktop or the window background for instant access to 50 context-sensitive shell extensions”.

We had a few issues with the stv part. Adaptec Easy CD Creator version 5 system tray application. Ulead Photo Express 3.

Associated with Hawking Technologies, Inc wireless products. Good against unwanted dialer programs.

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