Orient the cash drawer cable connector correctly, insert it into the cash drawer interface connector on the back of the printer. How to do hexadecimal dump printing Load paper. Skip to main content. The status display for various messages is shown below. Clearing A Cutter Lock 2 The print head is hot immediately after printing. Printing Paper Returning to the memory switch select mode When the setting of the desired content is completed, open the printer cover and then close the printer cover.

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Citizen CT-S310 User Manual

Do not touch any of the moving parts e. Also take out the paper roll from the citizen printer ct-s300. Link to Chinese Model Drivers. Wipe off any debris on the heating element of the head using a cotton swab soaked in ethyl alcohol. If configuration of the serial port is necessary, install the citizen printer ct-s300 Port setting tool.

If you find any pages missing or out of order, citizen printer ct-s300 your Citizen Systems dealer for a replacement. Function Communication condition DIP switch setting setting method Orient the interface cable terminal correctly and insert it into the interface connector. Some of the descriptions contained in this manual may not be relevant to some printer models.

All our Till Rolls are made from quality materials to british industry standards to ensure constant durability and reliability.

Open drawer codes.

Please carefully read and agree the terms and conditions of the User License Agreement to use or download any of the software or documentation provided from the web site.

When used in vertical position, the printer ejects paper not to fall naturally even with citizdn cutting. Do not drop any foreign object nor spill liquid into the printer.

Page 43 Switch no. The following is from Jeff. Ask Citizen Systems service for repair.

Keep the power cord away from heat generating appliances. Carefully read citizen printer ct-s300 handling precautions citizen printer ct-s300 citiaen the printer. Do not leave things around the electric outlet. Do not drop any metallic object such as paper clip, pin or screw into the printer. Page of 32 Go. The print head is hot immediately after printing.

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Printter you do not agree to these terms, or the terms of any other agreements contained in the Software, do not download or use the Software. Open drawer when printing Some printers will not use codes to open the cash drawer. Citizen printer ct-s300 when data is incoming or a memory error has occurred.

Cutter lock releasing feed hole When the cutter blade is kept protruded citizen printer ct-s300 abnormal termination or paper jam, the ct-3s00 cover cannot be opened. When you press the FEED button long, the set value is accepted and then the printer goes to the next setting item.

Error Indication Citizen printer ct-s300 ct-s30 print dense characters or dark image, the head temperature rises. Page 30 When you press the FEED button long, the set value is accepted and then the printer goes to the next setting item. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


However, to use an 80 mm wide paper roll, remove the partition. Auto cutter For cutting the paper automatically. Page 9 Do not touch any of the moving parts e. Right click printer Icon. In designated markets AC power cord If the printer is not to be used for a long time, leave it disconnected from its supply outlet. Don’t show citizen printer ct-s300 this message again.

With extensive features, it can be used in a wide range of applications. Cover open lever Use this lever to open the paper cover. Turn off the power. The form below is to tell me the codes that YOU know to add to the database.

Jeff Code does not work or model not listed! After having read this Manual, keep it in a safe, readily accessible place for future reference. A setting for the memory switch is printed, through the cycle, each time the FEED button is pressed for at citizen printer ct-s300 two seconds.

Page 20 Paper saving functions You can set the following functions to save paper by setting the MSW to memory switches. Citizen printer ct-s300 information on how to set the memory switches using commands, citizen printer ct-s300 refer to the Command Reference. Turn off the printer power. While the paper cover is open, press and hold the FEED button while turning the power on, and citizen printer ct-s300 close the paper cover.

Close the paper cover until you hear a click. Shaded values are factory settings. Clearing A Cutter Lock citisen The print head is hot immediately after citizen printer ct-s300. Turn the printer power off.

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