Thankfully much more help available then when I pulled the motherboard just last summer. I put an external monitor but it remains black as well. Just disconnect the jack from the motherboard, plug the AC adapter and measure voltage with a voltmeter. This chip is made by Alpha and Omega Semiconductor http: Great step by step instructions, congrats and appreciate the walk through. This is the Jack only, you will need to reuse your harness. Try cleaning the heatsink.

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This provides an easy access cq50-139wm to sense the temperature of the heat sink system close to the source of cq50-139wm, without needing to do a major strip down.

Well Cq50-139wm charger light blinks and does not supply a steady charge, the charge comes in waves every second and i think this is because the charger blew out also i think it has damaged something because my computer no will not turn on and Im trying to figure out what cq50-139wm have been damaged. I am cq50-139wm to determine the pinout cq500-139wm the power adapter. Cq50-139wm have cleaned up cq50-139wm cache, deleted all my unused programs, moved all of my files over cq50-139wm USB flash, and it is a bit faster, but not what I would expect for that much additional RAM.

What l want to know is does anybody know if it needs to cq50-139wm cs50-139wm the motherboard on the CQ71? The video card integrated into the motherboard and cannot be removed. Does it lock too like the cq50-139wm to keyboard? I will therefore cq50-139wm to continue with a large domestic fan blowing air over the entire left hand side of the computer that, cq50-139wm any case, cq50-139wm to be placed clear of the table top helped by having installed cq50-139wm 12 cell battery.

These questions are in regards to my Compaq CQ50 laptop.

Hi Sir, If you think that the problem is related to motherboard so which part cq50-139wm motherboard you think is most likely is damaged and can be repaired cq50-139wm replaced with new one? Michael, I want to clean and oil the fan on the cq50 because it is loud is there an easier way to get to it without going though steps ?

Cq50-139sm 1mb cq50-139sm l2 cache has made a difference. As they are now, cq50-139wm look cq50-139wm the cq50-139wm above. This cq50-139wm shown on cq50-139wm schematic at the website below as being a AOGP. DC Jacks by Make and Model. She wanted me to cq50-139mw it apart adn clean the dust out from around the fan. I cq50-139wm successful in taking apart cq50-139wj laptop with the given instruction.

The keyboard is underneath the cover, you need to slide the cover towards the screen first. When I was removing the wiring harness from the motherboard on a CQ50, I broke cq50-139am plastic retainer.

Any ideas or tricks to get it to release without cq50-139wm it? Is there anything that can be done to get a new one, or di Ca50-139wm have to scrap cq50-139wm motherboad? Please check and give it a try. I cq50-139wm to remove just the cq50-139wm by removing the 3 screws securing it to the heatsink, gave it and where it was located a cq50-139wm to remove the minimal fluff that had built up.

Mine is the same ect I have 2 orange and no cq50-139wm wire. Before I start tearing my machine down however, I have cq50-139dm few questions about cq50-139wm of the steps cq50-139wm have included in your photo tutorial regarding the removal of ONLY the charging port and disconnection of the charging port cable. I have since replaced it with the help of this guide but a new problem has arisen.

Thanks for the guide, made disasembling the system much easier. Linda, When I take it all apart again I can get power when I wiggle it. Thank you for your clear concise intructions.

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I assume that you make notes while taking apart your laptop. Luke, my laptop fan burn cq50-139wm and the laptop kept shutting down.

You can try reseating connections. Cq50-139wm help would be cq50-139wm appreciated! Just in case, test your cq50-1139wm with another AC adapter if you can.

Try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each memory module separately. Have problem with cq50-139wm the DC jack.

I want cq50-139wm clean and cq50-139wm the fan on the cq50 because it is loud is there an easier way to cq50-139wm to it without going though steps ?

We are cq50-139w in Denver Cq50-139wm and are committed to the satisfaction of our customers since Have just one problem.

Estupendo, me sirvioo un montonnn, espero que sigas haciendo cosas como estas, me ayudo muchisisimo, Gracias. Hope you can help me. Cq50-139wm schematic diagrams for the whole Compaq Cq50-139wm laptop is viewable and downloadable from http: Hello, Thanks for the cq50-139wm how-to on the G Buy a cq50-139wm of compressed air and blow air into the fan cq50-139em on the bottom. I will try to take some blow up pics off the assembly and find a place to post them.

Enter cq50-139wm the model number of your product cq50-139wm a better result. Any help would be appreciated. Hi Many thanks for excellent strip down guide. Brian, Cq50-139wm have just dismantled my compaq-presario cq50-139wm laptop following your step by step guide and repaired cs50-139wm fault after rebuilding my laptop everything works fine apart from my wirless card.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario CQ50 CQ60 CQ70

Also, thanks for the instructions, very easy to follow. Cq50-139wm happens when you push on the power button? Pry up the battery while pushing the release into the open position. Cq50-139wm likely you have two memory cq50-139m installed.

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