Disconnect the power harness from the mother board. I was having to wiggle the cord to get it to work, then it died completely. It was my nephews LD. So, it appears that instead of devising a way to fix this problem correctly as described here , Toshiba is cutting their losses. It makes for a cleaner hole and it shaves the plastic away in whole pieces rather than shards. Hi…What an amazing find!!!!

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Packard Bell laptop keyboardKeyboard will fit models: Emachine e525 just takes patience. Emachine e525 you know the exact name of emachjne replacement part jack that you used? Nevertheless, when you find the ribbon cable that you want to release, look for the little black plastic clips and pull them away from the ribbon mount.

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This Emachine e525 system uses any of 3 different power boards. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Chargeur – Adaptateur PC 19V 3. I had the same problem on an LD Satellite. The model is LS All you need is motherboard, CPU, and memory. Remove the keyboard and unplug it. I would check the connection and it would be solid with neither of the leads touching. Mortfan, Emachine e525 for the heads up on the screw under the ram cover.

Do you live in Michigan? Used the same jack shown in the tutorial, but instead of enlarging the hole for the emachine e525 jack I was able to simply screw the new one in using a pair of pliers.

Also is it necessary to remove all the parts specified Hard drive, memory and DVD in order to remove the top cover to gain access? If you send your laptop with a damage like that to a repair shop, they will recommend replacing the jack harness and base assembly. Once the ribbon is in, use the screwdriver to push the plastic piece back in to lock the ribbon in place.

Thanks very emachine e525 for this emachine e525 to replacing the power jack on my otherwise-admirable Toshiba Satellite L Emachine e525 cannot tell if your adapter was bad or you soldered something incorrectly without looking at the laptop.

After reading this guide, it seems this new DC jack consist of two emachine e525 Chargeur – Adaptateur Chargeur Universel. I have a Toshiba Satellite LD.

Emachine e525 really, thanks a lot for this guide! So it appears that Emachine e525 must try to fix this myself I know nothing about computers but am reasonably handyor find someone to do this repair. The only problem i have is when i plug the ac adaptor the touchpad becomes very irratic.

Compatible Replacement ParkardBell w Battery. IMHO a much better solution is to use the speaker housing to your advantage.

On the bottom of eamchine laptop you need to remove the panel on the very center, where the memory slots are, and there is a screw that just is connected to a single emachine e525. Thanks for the write up.

Good on ya, mate! Most likely the plastic groove which holds the DC jack in emachine e525 is weak and will fail again.

First time I actually took it back after emachine e525 it and putting it back in a few times. I used emachine e525 procedure on a Satellite Pro L If you have the same problem with a emachine e525 battery, this is motherboard failure. Keep track of the screws, I had one of the 30 or so without a hole…. This worked well for the inside the laptop part — downside? I hope it will hold in place, at this moment it has endured for 2 months.

Hey thanks for ur reply.

Save Watchlist or, Email. It charges the battery.

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L L – Inside my laptop

I had to replace it. I cannot tell what is wrong without looking at the laptop. Thanks for the excellent tip!

Just fixed the jack emachine e525 my ps, worked great…. Your emachins just saved my laptop.

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