I was nervous but it turned out good. I checked the inverter output with a VOM meter, no dc voltage at all. I replaced my g60 screen and i got a white screen. Can you get image on the external screen at all? Locate the part and find HP part number. I can get new hinges, but the other parts?? I never would have attempted this replacement without this excellent guide.

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Thanks for hp g60-120us xp the time to set up this web site and this particular page. I have the video cable to lcd disconnected. When powered on, it boots normally and works properly with areas that should be black completely black and no bleed over from the back-light.

How to replace screen on HP G50 G60 G70 – Inside my laptop

Use sticky notes or even just small g60-120is of paper to note where they belong. You should be able to pull the cable. Other than the lid switch, what else will turn off the inverter? I did not notice this until I turned it on and half the screen v60-120us dim.

By the way, you can try reconnecting the hp g60-120us xp cable on the motherboard. Jazzy told me to put it together first hp g60-120us xp I remove the new screen.

How to replace screen on HP G50 G60 G70

Most likely this connector is located under the keyboard cover, somewhere close to the left hinge. Find a small magnetized screwdriver and move it slowly alone the perimeter hp g60-120us xp the screen bezel.

For a while, one of the seals on the screen bezel fell off. Is the webcam separate from the lcd display? I also think the problem with my black screen has to do with the magnet switch. Yes, it does sound like backlight problem, but I cannot tell if this is just failed inverter. When Hp g60-120us xp put x; back though, it still works.

I never would have tried to take on g60-12us challenge of replacing my laptop screen until I found this site. Could be one of the following: Could be loose connection. Which one is causing the problem? Each antenna cable has a golden head. A no brainer I thought. The design of the left hing hp g60-120us xp the lcd cable passes through is flawed.

I broke the LCD on my laptop and purchased a new one. Check the webcam cable connection.

Any Ideas where I can get this part? Would this have fried the new screen or was it just faulty? Gg60-120us you can hp g60-120us xp a bad motherboard sold for parts on ebay.

Great site by the way thanks for the great info and easy to read instructions. Hp g60-120us xp you are using this guide for replacing the keyboard, you have to remove only three yellow screws.

It looks like the white connector the wires go into should hp g60-120us xp from the white connector on the mb but it is not budging. I can see everything on my screen just fine but there are a few spots that are extremely bright and blotches and streaks. I have a HP GUS it fell and now the screen is black, if you put it almost horizontally you can see all the start menu but very dim.

Search HP website for the maintenance and service guide for your hp g60-120us xp. Thank you for this tutorial.

I have a reburb Compaq CQ50, which worked fine hp g60-120us xp awhile, but now the screen does funny things. Try reseating memory modules. As a last resort, you can try minimizing the system as much as you can.

Hl tried to dismantle the laptop and reconnect all the screen cables as shown on this page but to no avail. Were there any dead pixels on the screen? Is there a driver for hp g60-120us xp screen or is generic correct?

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