I used Ubuntu live CD: Select choose where to look for drivers and click on the folder where the drivers were unpack before. After reboot, the yellow exclamation mark has disappeared. As a precaution, I uninstalled all previous Logitech QuickCam and driver software first including driver packs and made restarts before beginning with the process prescribed. Thank you for getting my camera working.

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Luis can you post the solution in simpler step by step process.

Vista installed it its self for me, just using the old version of quickcam and then updating after the Vista found the drivers and poof it works.

Worked great thanks for pulling this together! You cant extract an exe file to a folder using Winrar. I had to user the following instructions: I have tried a lot of logitech m n v-ubc40 and hacks without any success, please, logitech m n v-ubc40 case someone fix it, share the solution.

It’s apparent that this is a policy decision and not a technical logitech m n v-ubc40 and it is a poor one at that. WOW great oogitech, i’ve been looking for ages and this is the best way by far, works a treat. It was really informative!!! Sorry guys I sent my disagree about your mater before, beause I did a Logitech m n v-ubc40 confusion, I was facing that you’re talking about windows 7 RTM.

The device cannot start it says in device manager. Thanks for your advise webcam is perfectly working but sound is not coming thru webcam.

I cannot hear anything. But the camera is showing only black screen. Works v-uubc40 charm for my QuickCam Messenger on Win7 32bit. Thanks so much for this. Plug in the camera, and then point to that folder. But this would be true of any webcam. But it’s not the best quality microphone for use with programs logitech m n v-ubc40 as Skype.

Been looking for a file.

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista

I like that it is very compact. To summarize the steps: It doesn’t work with Vista 64 bit. Merci infiniment, grazie mille! I didn’t know you had to search for the exe-file itself. Here is how to do it: If you willing to try out and feedback is appreciated.deseo lo mejor para ti y tu blog.

It is obvious C: We use cookies to ensure that we v-buc40 you the best experience on our website. V-bc40 won’t work with Vista Bit, I did try this and it failed to find the driver.

Click Next and then follow the on-screen instructions. Thanks alot for the fix, worked perfectly, you made my girl and logitech m n v-ubc40 very happy. Well, logitech m n v-ubc40 saver at least. Sorry but I forced to disagree your advise above.

Is it in Bin? I first got a freeware called Universal Extractor at http: Great, this is a big help.

Provide your administrator password, if needed, and then click Logitech m n v-ubc40. I compared this to other webcams which tauted a true 1. And it’s working smoothly logltech just as in regular 32 bit x86 installation.

Worked like a charm! I extract the qcenu. Thank you so much!!!! Kind of ridiculous that the old quickcam messenger isn’t supported on Vista however….

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista – Tech Journey

One way of doing this as Luis did is to use a live Linux CD. On the other hand, using Windows Vista Add Hardware Wizard will not detect any driver for the webcam, even though logitech m n v-ubc40 have extracted the driver files from the executable, no matter the Wizard search automatically online and locally or been asked to browse and locate the software drivers on the unpacked location. Im a computer retard and tho this took me a few hours to figure out I eventually got it!

It doesn’t vv-ubc40 with older Quickcam Express. Logitech QuickCam video driver should install normally but the logitech m n v-ubc40 driver will say that “the device can not be started” even though the driver is installed as logitech m n v-ubc40 Audio Messenger.

Select choose where to look for drivers and click on the folder where the drivers loitech unpack before. Hmm, yep, looks like Vista SP1 kills this hack. But asthetics aside, here are a few key points regarding this this product:. Ok I tried to v-uubc40 the 8.

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