Tell us about your experience with our site. Philips -R 16x Mediacode: This page contains a list of different drivers for the selected device. Keep up the good work, Barry, and I hope your arthritis doesn’t give you too much gyp! In order to update the replacement drives firmware, the drive must be installed in a PC and then update the drive as if it was being used in the PC.

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I’ll let you know about the firmware stuff. Shubham replied on April 14, Some cross flashed back to original firmware to fix it while others cross flashed back to original firmware and had problems persist. The newer drives from LiteOn, the and series, seem to work as recorders, but when used sony dw g120a play a G120 the machine will freeze up when the Fast-Forward button is pushed.

This might have been because one of the firmwares wasn’t stock. BUT now that you mention it, i should get at least dq trial version of Nero just for the tools.

DriversLib recommends for install son drivers with Driver Updater. LiteOn’s have or at least used to have, someone may know better meanwhile a “laser servo tracking” learning function for each MID, even sony dw g120a HyperTuning came out Re: Sony dw g120a your DVD drive will re detected by Windows.

I’ll get back to on the other stuff as soon as i can. Sony dw g120a the drive has arrived. In reply sony dw g120a Shubham’s post on April 14, I also have a ilo Sony dw g120a with a p ]replaced about 3 years ago that works fine except FF, Both the DDW and p have eony belt spny the I had tried to correct the problems but gave up. Verbatim -R 8x made in Taiwan Mediacode: If you have found our site useful, we will appreciate it if you tell your friends about us in social networks.

This item is no longer available. But, to answer your question, I will be doing very little to g210a burning with this drive whatsoever. You might try eBay where some appear from time to time.

Incorrect Function” and won’t even pretend to write to the disk.

CD Freaks is a good site but those given have been of great help The info by ybara To the 20x Sony drives that sony dw g120a clones of the liteon soy drives is noted I have not known anyone having success on all functions with sony dw g120a drives past the series AS I stated many other drives were made by liteom and were clones while the liteon unit would not work on all functions, the clones would.

Why the orig DDW drives Failed. I do know of the cross flash issue but have not had to use it.

Dolphin Emulator – FAQ

I still have about 25 0r 30 of these DDW drives and while some work ok. Was this review helpful?

Changing a recorders firmware after replacing the DVD drive will still work, the only thing is you may get an error message telling you that the update failed. They were much the xw as the PC units. Maybe I am missing something, as I always thought, that Hypertuning has to be enabled in order to let the drive learn how to handle a disc.

How to sony dw g120a color correction sony dw g120a the Gradie Does the firmware I downloaded have to be patched in any way to allow me to crossflash?


The recorder must sony dw g120a unplugged before it can be used again. I did this once and it did work but I had block playback. If you go the route of swapping the laser assy.

Sony DW-GA DVD-RW Firmware MYL2 | Opendrivers

I still sony dw g120a 4 each s, s, s new in the box and are not for sale A proper DVD drive can be a problemnot the HDD I have not seen new but used drives come up at times and try to pass along the info. Thanks for the help! It’s printed on your drive surface sticker. To correct I have a vision problem and sometimes hit a wrong key or sony dw g120a something out.

I’ll request you to use a third party software, Nero again: I feel they are unreliable And should throw them away. Tell us about your experience with our site.

Sony DW-G120A DVD-RW Firmware MYL2

Yes No Sorry this didn’t help. The time now is Sony had there sony dw g120a drives made by liteon and some Sony drives will work At present there is a Sony drive ON eBay that is reported to be ok in a Thanks for heads up.

Otherwise you can fry the new laser assy.

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